The TEF report


Our report on the TEF [Teaching Excellence Framework]: 140 pages full of information about the TEF and on how the TEF will/can/may impact Academic Publishing and Bookselling.

The Methodology that we used to research the TEF report was unusual: normally, studies like this consist of a great deal of quantitative information, often collected via Surveymonkey or other types of questionnaire, supplemented by qualitative information gained from telephone interviews and focus groups.  We turned this approach on its head, for two reasons: first of all, every university has yet to put its TEF strategy into practice, so only a limited amount of quantitative information could be gathered (the report does contain some); secondly, we wanted to collect opinions and points of view, as well as facts, from across all the main stakeholder groups: university administrators, academics, librarians, students, publishers and booksellers.  Our study is therefore based on the results of 40 structured telephone interviews (37 with key stakeholders, three with TEF ‘experts’) and a student focus group, supplemented by Surveymonkey surveys conducted with academics, librarians, students and booksellers (we didn’t need to ask academic publishers to complete a Surveymonkey survey, as so many of them volunteered for the interviews).  Where possible, the questions used were the same or similar across all the groups.  We believe that this methodology paid off: it allowed  us to construct a rich picture of what is happening across all these constituent groups and at many (at least 25) different universities.

The results will be presented on Thursday at the Academic Book Trade Conference 2017 “Leadership and Influence in a TEF-led world” in Stratford-upon-Avon.

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