Welcome to the Gold Leaf Blog

Gold Leaf is now in its 16th year, and this blog has probably been long overdue. As Gold Leaf, we work on a number of exciting projects in the Academic Publishing sector, but also in Education, with charities and commercial companies, public bodies and individuals. We attend many interesting meetings and conferences and always keep a close eye on industry trends and developments. All this gives lots of food for a blog, so we are going to use this medium to inform you about those, to discuss interesting topics and ideas and be informative. Some posts will be mainstream, some more unusual and some maybe just marginally relevant, but interesting or quirky.
Some blog posts may be in German (as one of us is a German native and we also have German customers and blog readers), other may be bilingual, but most of them will be in English.

Who are “we”?
The people behind this blog are the people behind Gold Leaf: Linda Bennett, who founded the company in 2001; Jim Bennett, who joined much later (in 2012) and expanded our services to copyediting and proofing; and Annika Bennett, who only joined 3 years ago. We all work on a variety of projects including market research, business development, advisory boards and user groups, seminar provision, newsletter provision and industry advice.

Our most recent project has been an extensive report on the TEF [Teaching Excellence Framework] and its implications on Academic Publishing, which will be presented on the 18th May as part of the Academic Book Trade Conference 2017 in Stratford-upon-Avon.
But more about that in our next post.

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